Getting Started 1. Managing Your Money 2. The Home Buying Process 3. Keeping Your Home
Budgeting and Saving
Using Credit Wisely


Protecting Your Credit

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces your rights in this area. Click the links below to see the actions you can take in each of these situations:

Internet Field Trip

Take an online trip to visit the Federal Trade Commission Web site and learn more about how to repair and protect your credit. Read all the directions before you begin.


  1. Click the FTC Consumer Protection link. This will take you to a page on the FTC Web site.

  2. Read the section on The Credit Repair Organizations Act and other topics that interest you.

  3. Then click the FTC Identity Theft link.

  4. Click the topic links that interest you to view the FTC guidelines on avoiding and recovering from Identity Theft.

Caution: A 2003 Alert from the Federal Trade Commission, Internal Revenue Service and state regulatory agencies warned consumers about non-profit credit repair counselors.

Be sure to visit FTC, IRS and state Web sites to check whether any organizations are under investigation before seeking their help.

Check Your Learning

Take a moment to reinforce your learning about repairing your credit. Read all the directions before you begin.


  1. Click the Irma's Story link to learn about her situation.

  2. Consider Irma's choices for repairing her credit record.

  3. Click the Close Window link to return to the course.

  4. Click each question link below. A separate window will open with a question for you to answer.

As you continue this course, you will learn more about laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act that protect homebuyers like Irma.

Click Next to review what you've learned in this lesson.



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