Getting Started 1. Managing Your Money 2. The Home Buying Process 3. Keeping Your Home
How the Process Works
Meet the Professionals
Pre-Qualifying for a Loan
Knowing Your Rights
Mortgage Products and Financing
Preparing for Loan Processing
Loan Closing


Advantages of Knowing What to Expect

Knowing how home buying and mortgage lending works gives you many advantages.

Such knowledge will:

  • Save time and make it easier to work with all the professionals involved.
  • Give you more confidence about what to expect.
  • Enable you to go through the process with less stress and worry.
  • Increase your chances for success in achieving the dream of home ownership.

Three Stages of Home Buying

The graphic below shows the stages of the home buying process. Click the tabs to see the tasks involved in each stage. Then, click each task to learn more about it.

The next topic explores the Preparation stage of the process in more detail.




MainGetting Started • 1. Managing Your Money 2. The Home Buying Process3. Keeping Your Home


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